Campaign Manager – 2019 Virginia

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Fairfax County Public School Board At Large Democratic Nominee

AbrarOmeish Abrar Omeish

Energetic team of young progressive candidate for School Board in Fairfax County seeks an experienced and driven campaign manager to work with passionate, self-accountable team members of varied talents. Applicants looking to manage would ideally have held a leadership position on a campaign before. The campaign must coordinate with countywide candidates to mobilize about 90,000 individuals in a three month period (for November). Specifically, with the 2019 election being its initial project, the campaign seeks to:

–A: Turnout and remind usual (Democratic) voters

–B: Map out institutions and groups of underrepresented communities and actively reach out to educate, inspire, and mobilize turnout of new power

–C: Organize following the Obama 2008 snowflake model to put in place a lasting turnout and accountability structure for the candidate

The Fairfax County public school board manages around three billion dollars for one of the nation’s largest school systems in the country. The county is one of the nation’s most diverse, highly-educated, and wealthy localities.

Manager Responsibilities:

–Study/have a strong understanding of the county and its key players

–Devise a detailed plan towards victory in November

–Execute the plan and additions of the candidate and her previous team

–Identify the goals/tasks necessary to complete and manage a team of staff to coordinate field, finance, communications, policy, volunteers.etc.

–Field: conduct power mapping and connect with/schedule key individuals, utilize VAN to identify and mobilize towards targets, coordinate literature/yard sign distribution

–Communications: social media strategy, newsletters, candidate videos, email strategy,

–Finances: developing lists, raising funds,

–Volunteers: coordinating engagement, managing schedules, partaking in recruitment

–Policy: research, prepare for debates, develop agendas,

–Manage this team, including the candidate, and volunteers (including students)

–Oversee general office functions and maintain the space

–Organize the campaign calendar and proactively look for and add events

–Brief the candidate on relevant information for each event

–Provide the candidate with daily agenda to achieve set goals and ensure goals are met overall

–Coordinate with other local campaigns and the Fairfax County Democrats

Applications should include:


–Cover letter or list of political experiences with descriptions and desired salary range

–Broad direction of plan to address campaign goals and win in November

Applicants should send materials in a single email with the subject line “Job interest: [Full name]” to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

To apply for this job email your details to