This all began with an email newsletter (you’re totally loving it right?) and simple job board. I wanted to help anyone working or wanting to work in politics find digital jobs

We all need to do better. No one is above improvement in how they operate, how they hire, how they fire, or how they do their actual job.

Right now, there are more than 20 Presidential candidates, spinoffs of spinoffs of agencies, and more public interest in our political system than we’ve seen in a lifetime. There’s a lot to be said about how we can do better – by giving digital a seat at the grown up table, by shifting budgets from tv to online, by being better at creative/media/data/you name it.

There’s not a lot being said about how our teams and environments create opportunities for growth. For change. For innovation.

There’s not a lot being said about how much (or how little) people in politics get paid.

Or what the actual working conditions are like.

Or what it feels like to be an “only” on a team of a lot of sameness.

While we’re yelling in our echo chamber (twitter) about moving budgets or being heard, we need to remember that when we are breaking through the noise of main street, we are also attracting or repelling talent all across this great country.

I personally believe that it will be the diverse and new talent we are able to engage and convince to join us that will save the party from imploding on itself.

We need new people to work in politics as much as Americans need Democrats and their policy positions.

Don’t get me wrong…there are some rockstars working in politics right now. But there are also a ton*** of open positions. And what we don’t need is to look for more of the same. From the same school/pedigree/town.

We need new voices in the room. More voices in the room.

Fewer former class presidents and more former drama club members. Fewer valedictorians and more veterans.

We need more women of color in leadership positions.

We need differently-abled people, people with 45 years of work experience, first generation Americans, and recent high school graduates.

The teams that work for candidates, political groups, agencies, tech firms, and issue-based organizations that make up our party need to better represent the people who vote for them.

I hope that you’ll join me in committing to do better this cycle and every cycle after.

Let’s work together to create teams that elevate our work, to attract and welcome new talent, and to keep pushing our party to be truly representative of the people and values we fight to defend. is a site where you can post and find political jobs (for democratic candidates, causes, and organizations).

Yep, it’s that simple.

Too often these jobs are hard to find! Sure, some are coveted within the industry. But mostly, they’re hard to find because they aren’t always listed in an obvious place.

They get passed around in google docs to listservs from old campaign operatives.

They get slacked to existing employees.

So, here you go, Dems. An easy place to put your jobs.

Let’s bring in new talented people this cycle. Let’s hire from all over!

Let’s go win this together. is a Wellmade project, founded with love by Elizabeth Eadie.